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Customers First

We believe that our customers are our key to Succes, we build successful long-term relationships with them.

Skills Development Supremacy

Through skills development, our team is better able to perform its tasks.

Quality Makes The Difference

We are working together with suppliers and customers to meet increasing expectations and requirements.

Our vision is build high reputation worldwide and to be a reference in integrating innovative technologies for business and people.

We increasingly aim to be ahead technological advances and to be the leader in IT achievements and innovations. Keeping abreast of IT engineering solutions would inevitably guarantee a higher ranking to our company at a national and international level.

Our Mission is to develop IT applications that satisfy compelling needs related to E- Health and E-Environment sectors.

Our mission is to help you merge technology with business to get the best results. We adopt an expert based approach in which we suggest a strategic customised approach to your business objectives, be it long term or short term. We guide you in every step of the way starting from planning to to implementation, and monitoring. Every inquiry counts and is held into consideration.

Our Skills & Expertise

We aim to be an active IT research and development center. Our skills cover a wide range of disciplines mainly Java Technology, Big Data, and  web and Mobile Application Development & Maintenance and much more.

Intellitech Applications and services can be applicable in various disciplines notably e-health, environment, ecology etc


Intellitech experienced staff aim to suggest a wide range of innovative solutions that combine technical skills with an understanding of broader business objectives to solve real business issues and contribute to the evolvement of their industries.

Java Technologies 0
Big Data 0
Web App Development 0
Mobile App Development 0
Content Management 0

Benefit of Our Team Expertise 

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Strong Academic background

They are Graduates of the Best Schools in IT Engineering

Young and Dynamic Engineers, lovers of Teamwork

Strategic Human Resources Management

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Intellitech is made up of smart, driven people who care about the customers satisfaction. Intellitech’s people represent a harmonious team working in cooperation to achieve organisational goals.

Teamwork is one of the highest premises in Intellitech. It helps maximize work efficiency, increased innovation greater flexibility and morale.

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