Tutorial Hadoop single node installation

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Tutorial Hadoop single node installation

In this tutorial we will see how to install a Hadoop single node by doing the following steps

Step 1: Before installing Hadoop, you need to First ensure that java8 is installed:

Verify that java is correctly installed:

Configuring Java Environment

Step 2: install hadoop single node mode

First add a hadoop user with admin access:

then login with that user

Install SSH:

Generate SSH Keys, so you don’t need to type password on each hadoop process startup:


Since Hadoop doesn’t work on IPv6, we should disable it.

And add this lines at the end:

Download apache hadoop 2.6.0 :

Create Hadoop temp directories for Namenode and Datanode

Update bashrc

And add this lines at the end:

then execute bash:

Now let’s configure Hadoop :

## Update JAVA_HOME variable,


## Paste these lines into <configuration> tag


## Paste these lines into <configuration> tag


## Paste these lines into <configuration> tag


## Paste these lines into <configuration> tag

Now let’s format the namenode

Now let’s start hadoop process

Instead both of these above command you can also use start-all.sh, but its now deprecated so its not recommended to be used for better Hadoop operations.

Check that hadoop process are running, type jps and check if you see all the hadoop services running

You can also check Resource Manager by navigating to this link http://localhost:8088/

To stop all hadoop process, run this command:

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    Tafang Joshua
    Posted at 3:21 pm, January 10, 2019

    thanks very much for the tutorial but i get this error

    Error: Could not find or load main class org.apache.hadoop.hdfs.server.namenode.NameNode

    when i type the command hdfs namenode -format

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