Install jenkins on ubuntu


Install jenkins on ubuntu


Jenkins is one of the most popular open-source continuous integration and continuous delivery servers available today. It provides lots of plugins for building deploying and automating plugins

Installing Jenkins

Jenkins provides an Ubuntu repository for the installation packages and we will install Jenkins from this repository.

Update the repository and install Jenkins.

Configure Jenkins

After installation is completed go to localhost:8080 we should see “Unlock Jenkins” screen, which displays the location of the initial password.
to get the hash password go to /var/lib/jenkins/secrets and run sudo vi initialAdminPassword
copy/paste the password in the “Administrator password” input.

Now select appropriate option to install plugin. You can choose to install suggested plugins or select required plugins options. To get a good foundation for later use. Choose “Install Suggested Plugins”.

After plugin installation, we have to create a new admin account. Type in your admin username, password, email etc. and click on “Save and Finish”.

Configuration completed and Jenkins is ready and you can start working with it after clic “Start using Jenkins” button

Now you will be redirected to Jenkins dashboard and show the default Jenkins screen. Jenkins installation and Configuration finished successfully


Author: Ayman Ben Amor

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