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We intend to develop more Apps in E-Health & E- Environment, Now you can make e-health and e- environment Tech much easier with intellitech
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Why E-Health & E-Environment Applications ?

We care for the Environment & for Human Beings; that is why, we would like to major in applications related to the following fields:

  • E-Health Applications
  • E-Environment Applications
  • GIS & GPS Applications
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Open Source Automation Server


Task Assignment Tool


Wire framing tool


Scm Tool

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"Healthcare Challenges"

"I think the biggest problem with healthcare today is not its cost – which is a big problem – but for all that money, it’s not an expression of our humanity."

Jonathan Bush CEO, athenahealth

"The Miracle of Telemedecine"

"Telemedecine allows us to connect a patient to a doctor and it allows us to erase time & distance which is really the miracle of telemedecine"

Jay Robins Director of Telemedecine

"E-Health Revolution"

"Today's E-Health Revolution Represents the single-most important revolution in healthcare since the advent of modern medicine, vaccines, or even public health measures like sanitation and clean water"

D-Silber E-Health Scholar

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Enjoy a testing Period. Explore you New Software or App and we will support you so that you master it. You will benefit of all the required support to use your App easily


Develop Your App. We do not stop at the level of App Creation. We rather develop it more and introduce improvements from time to time to make it fit modern technologies

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