France has been a pioneer in a number of IT technological advances.French IT experts are active reserchers who engage in rewarding IT projects to find solutions to the most current technological challenges. Similarly, IT research initiatives attempt to create a suite of new techniques in the ever-changing business market. Through Intellitech innovative applications, we strongly invite French entrepreneurs and businessmen to benefit of our services.

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With a steady growth of start­ups responsible for technological innovation and high levels of investment, the UK’s IT sector is well­placed to take on a new generation of skilled workers. Recently, the British IT sector has noticed a considerable growth. For example, Employment of IT professionals through to 2020 is forecast to grow at 1.62% per annum ­ nearly twice as fast as the UK average (Technology Insights 2012, e­skills UK). The major mission of IT professionals is to create technological applications or systems, solving problems using technology or supporting people who use it.
Intellitech experienced staff aim to suggest to British companies solutions that combine technical skills with an understanding of broader business objectives to solve real business issues

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The German ICT sector is considered one of the most innovative in the world. In fact, innovative talent has a long tradition in Germany’s IT sector. For instance , Germany has contributed to the world’s IT­turnover in 2014 with a rate up to 4.3 percent of the worldwide. Similarly, in 2014, the German IT market is the world’s fourth­largest. Most importantly, IT innovations results in growth and development in other sectors such as Marketing, Finance, Administration, e­health and ecology among many others. As a continuously growing company, we would like to suggest to corporations a wide range of innovative projects that will contribute to the evolvement of their industries especially contributing to the greening of information technology.
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