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A leading certified IT Team

Our software engineers are very talented in their fields. They are certified In Java and Hadoop Big Data frameworks. You can rely on their expertise to develop desktop, web and mobile Applications. They constantly develop further skills in Modern Technologies like Big Data and Cloud Computing

TeamWork & Office Culture

Teamwork is one of the highest premises in Intellitech. It helps maximize work efficiency, financial savings, increased innovation greater flexibility and morale.
IntelliTech ows its proficiency to its professional team of Software engineers and consultants, software architechts and Marketing agent who provide the best response to your inquiries.

Strong Academic background

Being graduates of best IT schools in Tunisia, Intellitech team has a sound theoretical foundation in IT application development. This helps them earn a better understanding of projects’ workflow. In Intellitech, we believe that sound qualifications represent the pillar for an effective performance.

Our Skills & Expertise

We aim to be an active IT research and development center. Our skills cover a wide range of disciplines mainly Java Technology, Big Data, and  web and Mobile Application Development & Maintenance and much more.
IntelliTech designed for you a personalised system of services inquiry whereby you manage to describe the following :
•Your IT product objectives
•Your exact product appliances, features and properties
•Your exact expectations
Intellitech Applications and services can be applicable in various disciplines notably e-health, environment, ecology etc

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